CTI's BlindSpotz™ Freeze Indicator Solutions

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Industry-changing commercially printable functional technology. Fully customizable graphics on freeze indicator labels or packages. Affordable to apply per-product.
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CTI provides a persisting freeze indicators if a product has been submitted to freezing temperatures for shipping.  This is critical for products like vaccines that will be ruined if frozen. 




Alert receivers and supply chain managers to a product that has thawed during transport.



Know at a glance if a product has exceeded its upper temperature threshold.



Cold Chain Compliance Alert

Combine lower and upper temperature freeze indicator labels to ensure products have remain within cold chain specifications.

Too Cold
Too Warm


Show an easy visual that a product had not only been stored at the proper temperature, but also that it's above the correct temperature to safely inject.

Cold Chain OK to Pack and Receive

Tell packers and receivers of sensitive pharmaceutical products that packing materials are at the proper temperature for shipping and that the package was kept within specifications when it’s received.


Many products lose integrity or even become unsafe when exposed to high temperatures: minimize waste and guarantee the quality with BlindSpotz™ High Temp Alert.  These features give a clear, visible indication if a product's quality has been compromised in transit. 

CTI and American Thermal Instruments Partner to Bring On-pack Freeze Warnings for Cold Chain Consumer Products. CTI handles the technical support for all on-package printing while ATI manages the customer implementation of cold-chain monitoring and data in support of those opportunities. Contact either company today!